In the distant tenth year, I had a project from a client from South Africa to find not some manufacturers there, but manufacturers in Asia, where world brands place their orders, etc. I still thought “Where is Fashion, and where is South Africa?” I was completely green in these “affairs” 😅🤦‍♂️

But I was thinking that I will quickly find a couple of good, and most importantly, original manufacturers. Fortunately, I was experienced in this at that time. Initially, we decided to focus on one “global brand”.

But not everything is so simple… It turned out that the “chosen brand” is positioning itself, that they produce all their things in a small workshop in Italy. Therefore, to find even a hint that they place orders in China or other Asian countries was very difficult.
Well, come on?! T-shirts manufactured for the whole world in a small workshop in Italy. I DO NOT BELIEVE! 🤔

I began to dig all the top Chinese manufacturers of fashion clothes to order. But even if you find exactly the “Same” manufacturer and know exactly who they are, they will not admit that they are producing for a “global brand”. Because they signed a non-disclosure agreement.

But I found a couple of top manufacturers with a small minimum order and the quality is exactly “Made in Italy”, but much cheaper. We did this project and I did a lot of orders for other clients through these factories from China.

By the way, do you know how quality Made in Italy things are made? Due to the popularity of “This is Italy” and the original Italian manufacturers are very expensive, “Some” grey entrepreneurs produce in Asia, send it to Italy, and sew “Made in Italy” labels there. Although I saw that sometimes they do it much easier. They simply sew such labels themselves in the country of destination.

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