I am an international purchasing agent. Simply put, imagine that someone needs to buy a batch of goods in another country, for example, “solar panels” ☀️ In short: I find the manufacturer or supplier who makes it and sells those products to my customers. But this is very simplified. I conduct the entire transaction from the idea of purchase to delivery to the customer’s warehouse. Because there are many stages “on the way” and you need to know how to do it.

👗Or, for example, someone wants to create their own clothing brand. I can create clothes completely according to the picture and ship them to customers. To do this, I cooperate with a designer, designer-finisher, top manufacturers in different countries, inspection companies, etc.

✅ In general, I deal with many product categories. But still, I work more on the order of a specific client than looking for something to sell myself. Because it is much easier to work with a ready-made request than “What is selling better now?” Because finding a client with a ready request is already half the battle.

✅ I also help develop any product from scratch, etc.
I also work with finished products – buy and sell. It’s generally easy with this.

Of course, many years of experience, knowledge of all processes on such projects, experience in negotiations, business correspondence, correct document preparation, project management (what follows in each type of project), forecasting, the financial part, calculations, and much more helps in all this ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

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