As they say, “All genius is simple,” but even the obvious isn’t so obvious until it’s pointed out to you.

1. Choose the right supplier and verify their credibility.

2. Avoid focusing solely on manufacturers for lower prices if they have high minimum order requirements.

3. Large manufacturers don’t always guarantee better quality or timely delivery.

4. Discuss your requirements in detail with the supplier to avoid surprises during pre-shipment inspection and potential financial loss.

5. Don’t rush important stages; prioritize doing things correctly over meeting strict deadlines.

6. Avoid sourcing suppliers and materials from multiple countries unless there’s a unique product involved.

7. Inspect goods even when the asking price is low to avoid receiving unsaleable products.

8. Instead of inspecting the entire batch, check a small percentage and negotiate a discount for potential defects.

9. Don’t solely rely on the supplier’s reputation; conduct proper checks and due diligence.

10. Choose the right logistics partner by comparing prices, services, and options through a tender process.

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