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For over 13 years clothing in different niches and quality was most of our projects. Since 2018 our specialty slightly moved to work with brand owners and fashion luxury quality clothes.

We are a stranger to you, so we don’t expect you to trust us. However, you can trust the real people whom we have helped:

«Andrey is amazing! I always recommend him to anyone I meet who’s looking to start a business of any kind and will need to source manufacturers. For 3 years Aundrey and I worked together and he helped me build my brand from the ground up. He sourced everything for me and managed my all projects and communications with my factories. He was always very kind, positive, and innovative. I’m only closing our current contract because I’m not developing any new projects at the moment, but I do plan to do so soon and he will be whom I come to. Thank you, Andrey!

«Great team member. Happy to help. Has great knowledge and yet is always happy to expand himself. Thank you and looking forward to working with you soon.»

«Andrey was fantastic to work with. He is very professional, reliable, and willing to go the extra mile to ensure that operations run smoothly. I definitely recommend him and look forward to working together again in the future!»

We have a lot of good high-quality manufacturers in our base. Also, always can source new manufacturers to fit the project’s needs.

👗 So far, We’ve Helped to produce fashion clothing collections for more than 10 brand owners.

👍 We collaborate with designers and always can recommend a good one for your project. Also, we are the ones who will help you with the rest when the designs will be ready. Find proper manufacturers, source fabrics, sample making, sample remaking (fit correction process), contract negotiation, good price negotiation, batch ordering, production follow-up, quality control, document revisions, logistics organization, and help to bring the goods to your door.


Also, each project includes such Sourcing & procurement services:

• Product Sourcing

• Factory Auditing

• Price Negotiation

• Order Processing

• Contract negotiation and help to sign it.

• Invoices, and other documentation revising, to avoid problems with customs clearance.

• Quality Control

• Logistics (Trucks, Sea and Air freights)

• After-Sale Service